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Hong Kong Yishun (China) Co., Ltd. At The End Of 2012
Wholly-owned Acquisition Of Shanghai Dalong Chain Factory Co., Ltd.
YESHUN (China) Holding Ltd.Took Over The Ownership Of DALONG In December 2012.

Yishun (China) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research of metal surface treatment processing technology. It has a professional heat treatment base in Shanghai. It has 5 German IPSEN multi-purpose furnaces and multiple heat treatment equipments such as tempering furnace, annealing furnace and mesh belt furnace. The business scope is the surface treatment and processing of high-precision gears, shafts, sleeves and other precision transmission parts; it is mainly for aerospace, automotive, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

The scope of business is: design, manufacturing, processing of chains and metal molds and mechanical equipment related to power transmission products : The main products are oil rig chain, precision roller chain, escalator step chain, marine chain, welding chain, pumping unit chain, cement/metallurgy/mine engineering chain and various non-standard special chains.

While maintaining its own advantageous chain production, Dalong Chain draws on the technology and management experience of Dixon, and uses the large-scale CNC stamping equipment imported from Lexnor to undertake the design and manufacture of various special chains. The chain of various industries has been greatly improved in quality and cost performance, and has been well received by customers. After the successful acquisition of Dalong Chain by Hong Kong Yeshun Company at the end of 2012, all chain manufacturing equipment, technical materials and technicians were retained and became a premium supplier of Lexnor, which was regularly supplied according to the US annual agreement.

Dalong Chain has accumulated 60 years of technical experience and now has the support of the advanced technology of heat treatment in the company. It is already a leading technology chain manufacturer producing various high quality chains. The comprehensive cost performance of the product is comparable to that of the imported chain.